High Yield

Skillful credit analysis designed to identify the safest credits among these non-investment grade issuers, while searching for the best possible returns.

Flexible Bond

Combining Investment grade, High Yield and Government Bonds in dynamic ways to generate positive total returns, including during interest normalization phases.

Emerging Market Debt

Dedicated unconstrained, active approach across global emerging markets, providing an expanded source of investment and income opportunities.

Focused Offering in Fixed Income

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Views and Analysis

Who's afraid of Big Bad Inflation? View from the Fixed Income Desk.

From recent market moves it would seem that the market has downgraded inflation from Big Bad Wolf, to Little Red Riding Hood. It has been an amazing few days post the 75bps move by the Federal Reserve last week. One comment from Fed Chair Jerome Powell – and we will come onto that in a second – and financial conditions have eased, all markets have rallied in tandem and have begun to price in a slowdown in both growth and inflation followed by an interest rate cut in short order. In keeping with the fairy tale theme, this would be the Goldilocks scenario…We have the Fed pivot, I hear you cry!

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Press Releases


London, 13 July 2022 – Mirabaud Asset Management has hired Elliot Fowles to join their UK Wholesale team, further strengthening their presence and commitment to the UK market.

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