High Yield

Skillful credit analysis designed to identify the safest credits among these non-investment grade issuers, while searching for the best possible returns.

Flexible Bond

Combining Investment grade, High Yield and Government Bonds in dynamic ways to generate positive total returns, including during interest normalization phases.

Emerging Market Debt

Dedicated unconstrained, active approach across global emerging markets, providing an expanded source of investment and income opportunities.

Focused Offering in Fixed Income

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Views and Analysis

MLII: What does luxury look like post-Covid?

Mirabaud’s Lifestyle, Impact and Innovation private equity fund invests in disruptive young businesses destined to be the lifestyle leaders of tomorrow. As we start thinking about the shape the global economy will take after the pandemic, now is the perfect time to consider which shifts in consumer behaviour will prove transitory – and which will stick. Long Zhou takes the temperature of the premium lifestyle sector in a post-pandemic world.

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Views and Analysis

Engaging with the ESG opportunity: physical climate risk

Last week the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) came to its climax. To mark the event, Sustainable Global Equities Research Analyst John Kisenyi has put together a four-part series of articles where he considers where the conference’s agenda intersects with ESG investing, and explores the risks and opportunities investors face as they engage with stakeholders on the journey to a more sustainable posture.

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