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Mirabaud Sustainable Cities

Investing in sustainable cities

Harnessing the return power of Europe’s modern urban landscape

What makes a great city? Each has a unique identity, formed from a combination of the natural landscape, urban architecture, industry, infrastructure and the demographics of its residents. Together, they create the city’s DNA from which its culture evolves.


Across Europe, our cities have been challenged by two seismic issues:


1. Climate crisis

Estimates suggest that cities are responsible for 75% of global CO2 emissions, with transport and buildings being among the largest contributors*.


2. Covid-19

The pandemic escalated the shift to flexible working and changed the requirements city-dwellers have from their urban spaces.


In order to recover from and dynamically respond to these challenges, Europe’s great cities require restructuring, and with this comes a unique potential investment opportunity.


To capture the heart of the opportunity, we are focusing our attention on France. Many of France’s major cities are now experiencing three core change drivers, accelerated by the pandemic and ongoing climate crisis. These drivers are supported by solid market fundamentals and a specialised, protective legal framework that facilitates sustainable urban development.


In ‘Investing in sustainable cities’ we explore:


The three reasons driving restructuring across French cities

  • Land scarcity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Expanding populations

The investment fundamentals

  • Low supply
  • High demand
  • Competitive landscape

Our unique investment solution


To learn more, download the PDF:








* United Nations Environment Programme, 2023

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