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Regenerative Growth I


Regenerative Growth I


Our global food systems are broken.

They are suffering the escalating impacts of climate change, water stress, soil depletion and deforestation. At the same time, the way we produce our food is exacerbating these very issues.

The global food industry has become locked in a self-perpetuating cycle of resource loss and resource destruction.

On top of this, the global population is growing at the fastest rate in history, meaning almost 10 billion people will need feeding by 20501. This will require 56% more food than we have today.

Current food production methods produce 1/3 of global greenhouse gas emissions and will push Earth beyond the Paris Climate Agreement goal of limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels, even if we halted all other emissions2.

How do we generate more food while using fewer resources & lowering emissions towards net-zero?

The Strategy

Regenerative Growth I invests in companies that are creating solutions to our broken food system.

These companies are breaking the mould to redesign how agricultural land is preserved, food is produced, and to reinvent what we eat. The more sustainable, regenerative food systems these companies are creating provide a cornerstone for achieving net-zero by 2050.

The strategy taps into a wave of cross-sector, nature-positive tech innovations to deliver a target return of 25% IRR over a 5-6 year investment horizon. Capital is deployed across 20-25 companies with:

1. A core focus on growth-stage ventures with proven technology, post-revenues and commercial traction.

2. An opportunistic approach to game-changer, early-stage ventures offering transformational solutions.

3. Predominantly Europe (60-80%) and US (10-20%) exposure, complemented by selected emerging hubs.

Investment Highlights

DEAL SOURCING100+ identified deals from diversified proprietary sources
(network, CVCs, top-tier VC funds, FOs, incubators).
GROWTH FOCUS>.70% of portfolio invested in companies with proven technological, post-revenue and commercial traction. 
DE-RISKING APPROACHMultiple opportunities via growth equity and optimised corporate connections. 
INTRA-PORTFOLIO SYNERGIESCreating synergies between companies across investment sectors, bridge technologies and the markets where they are most needed.
DEVELOPMENTGuidance and monitoring to management teams, backed by our successful entrepreneurship DNA.
SFDR ARTICLE 9The strategy has sustainable investment as its core objective.


The strategy focuses on three key regenerative food system sub-sectors:

Regenerative Growth I

Precision Farming

Precision farming utilises AI, robotics, big data and the internet of things (agriculture 4.0), to improve resource efficiency, productivity and carbon sequestration while reducing pesticide use.

Regenerative Growth I

Alternative Nutrition

Alternative nutrition is the development of new food sources that are as attractive as today’s mainstream animal proteins. The focus is on plant, insect and algae-based meat and dairy substitutes, alongside precision fermentation techniques, such as cell-agriculture.

Regenerative Growth I

Waste & Circularity

There are plenty of opportunities throughout the product lifecycle to ensure that food does not go to waste and for packaging to be sustainable. Food waste reduction can range from more intelligent logistics, warehousing and supply chains to more nuanced demand understanding and more resistant foodstuffs. There are also opportunities to upcycle food waste.

1 United Nations

2 University of Oxford, November 2020


Discover more

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200 years of entrepreneurial expertise meets cutting-edge regenerative agri-tech investment

Mirabaud Asset Management and Zebra Impact Ventures have formed a unique strategic partnership with the power to catalyse financial and impact performance. Together, we have the expertise to deliver meaningful change in our broken food systems with positive investment outcomes for our clients.

Ensuring our food systems can feed the global population in a way that actively addresses climate change and biodiversity loss is a challenge we must tackle now, before it’s too late. Together, we have the expertise to deliver meaningful change with positive investment outcomes for our clients.

Regenerative Growth I

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