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Our Approach

ESG Integrated Approach

The Portfolio Managers have been running sustainable Global Equity portfolios since 2013, screening out the vice sectors which are at risk of regulatory change, and low ESG scoring companies. We look for Leaders in the ESG space within their industries. To help do this, we leverage Sustainalytics, a leading independent information source on ESG criteria. Mirabaud Asset Management also has a dedicated team of Socially Responsible Investing specialists that work jointly with the investment team to strengthen ESG engagement and capture the non-financial risks of the companies selected for the strategy.

Multi-thematic focus

We’ve been employing thematic investing in this strategy since its inception. We have identified eight global themes, and multiple sub-themes underneath them, which share common attributes – innovation and structural growth drivers as a result long-term sustainable demand from consumers or industries. When we consider a company, it’s always in the context of how it fits within one of our themes, which provide companies with additional growth drivers.

Our approach to achieving sustainable dividend investing

We select companies with a combination of stable high free cash flow yields and strong balance sheets. This means they can deliver a solid yield today, with the underlying growth and stability in cash flows to grow future dividends. We also believe that companies positioned to benefit from global themes enjoy additional growth factors, providing more stability in longer term dividend generation across all market environments.

Our core belief is that companies paying dividends are highly disciplined in managing their cash flow, apply rigorous standards to capital expenditure decisions and are careful stewards of their cash.

Anu Narula
Head of Global Equities at Mirabaud Asset Management

The team behind the strategy

  • At Mirabaud Asset Management, Anu and Paul have been managing global equity portfolios along thematic lines for over six years.
  • They have been investing thematically for over seventeen years.
  • Anu Narula, Head of Global Equities, is A-rated by Citywire.
  • Anu Narula has a uniquely long term track record in managing global equities, outperforming the average manager since 2011 (source: Citywire)

Anu Narula

Head Of Global Equities at Mirabaud Asset Manager and lead portfolio manager of the Mirabaud - Sustainable Global Focus* and Mirabaud - Sustainable Global High Dividend* strategies

Paul Middleton

Co-manager of the Mirabaud - Sustainable Global Focus* and Mirabaud - Sustainable Global High Dividend* stategies

Learn more about our themes


We have reclassified our “Renewables” theme to “Decarbonisation”. Renewables are a key piece of the puzzle in the transition to carbon neutrality, but alongside this there are other key areas of the transition, which will represent a significant tailwind for those companies exposed to them.



Millennial Consumer

The Millennial Consumer is a powerful global cohort that has a large influence on spending patterns. Areas such as gaming and beauty are driving strong demand, providing companies in this area with strong tailwinds for growth.


Automation continues to bring substantial benefits to businesses and economies worldwide. Process automation and transformation is the primary focus for many companies on their digital agendas

Why Themes Matter

In today’s fast moving and challenging environment, themes provide companies with important and sustainable drivers for dividend growth


Explosion of data

This theme continues to be driven by the move towards the digital economy and more recently, the ‘Stay at home economy’, providing important tailwinds for companies.

Platform Companies

Companies benefit from sustainable growth by challenging traditional business models through changing how customers consume products and services online.



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