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Mirabaud Asset Management become a member of Invest Europe

We are proud and excited to announce that we have become a member of Invest Europe, a key association representing Private Equity, Venture Capital and the Infrastructure industry across Europe.

We look forward to collaborating and engaging with our peers, sharing ideas and experiences as well as indulging in Invest Europe’s research, insights and events. They are a guiding light within the industry, promoting best practice and holding us all to a high professional standard.

They are a leader when it comes to sustainability and climate change, something that is very important to us here at MAM and is an intrinsic part of our Private Equity strategies. We take a long term approach to investing, injecting not only capital, but expertise, innovation and a wealth of other skills and know-how to the companies in which we invest. Our membership of Invest Europe supports these long term goals, as well as helps to educate our clients and support our peers and the wider industry.

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