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Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant - new investor and development partner of Le Coq Sportif

Airesis, Le Coq Sportif's majority shareholder, announces the arrival of a new investor and development partner, Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant, among the brand's shareholders.

Sharing common values with the French sports brand, and those of its shareholders, this investment fund, created by Renaud Dutreil and Luc-Alban Chermette with the support of Mirabaud Asset Management, headed by Lionel Aeschlimann, invests in companies with excellent know-how and in "Lifestyle" brands with a strong identity.

Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant's knowledge and skills in terms of accompanying companies and, more particularly, its commitment to supporting "living heritage companies" are an undeniable asset for the brand. The arrival of this investment fund in Le Coq Sportif's shareholding, with a total financing of MEUR 10, will allow the brand to pursue its current industrial and sporting development.

With its sustained growth, improved efficiency and optimized profitability, Le Coq Sportif has refocused on its DNA and values since its acquisition by Airesis in 2005. The notion of proximity is now at the heart of the brand's project. In 2010, Le Coq Sportif returned to its original industrial know-how by reviving the historic plant in Romilly-sur-Seine. The plant, where all the brand's textile ranges have been created and developed from the beginning, is today a site where some one hundred co-workers are supervising the creation, development and reinterpretation of some French classics. All the knitting and dyeing work takes place at companies located within a few miles of the headquarters, at Aube Tricotage and France Teinture. Product assembly is undertaken by a high-quality partner in Morocco. With models such as the Blazon, the brand's shoes department is following the same logic. Meanwhile, the brand has renewed contact with the major symbols of French and international sport since 2012 by becoming the official kit supplier of the Tour de France, the Saint Etienne and Fiorentina football teams, the tennis player Richard Gasquet and, more recently, the men's and women's French rugby teams, the drivers in the Renault F1 team and the players of Atletico Mineiro in Brazil.

"Airesis warmly welcomes Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant. We have great things to accomplish together. To be a supplier for everyone who loves sport – for the champions, but also for amateurs and fans. To stay close to our customers, to our talents and our partners. To convey through sports emotions, a sense of sharing and a positive spirit. These are the aims of Le Coq Sportif and we are delighted that Mirabaud Patrimoine Vivant will be working alongside us on these projects", says Marc-Henri Beausire, Airesis CEO.

Renaud Dutreil also expressed confidence in the company: "Our investment in Le Coq Sportif is emblematic of our strategy, which is based on three principles: to support entrepreneurs with strong convictions, to promote manufacturing skills, especially in France, and to develop the reputation of a brand known for its innovation and creative values. Marc-Henri and his teams have done some remarkable work, combining respect for the brand's roots in manufacturing, sport and the regions. His emphasis on the exclusive know-how of men and women, and on managing through team spirit, is exceptional. For me, Le Coq Sportif embodies the encounter of sport and style. It has the potential to become one of the major kit suppliers in the world ".


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