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Insights on Global themes 2019

Each year, the global equities team reviews the key themes that they believe will create strong forces of change across different industry sectors. We believe that themes are more important than ever today as global economies remain in a low growth cycle. The IMF has just lowered its global growth forecast for 2019 from 3.5% to 3%. This is the slowest in 3 years. In this environment, companies need their own secular growth drivers.

Approach description

Our Global Equities team have developed an investment approach based on 4 pillars:

  • Focus on quality, growth and Income
  • High conviction and high active share
  • Thematic direction
  • Fully integrated ESG perspective


According to Microsoft Google and Apple amongst others, we are no longer living in a mobile first world but rather in an artificial intelligence one. Automation has been a key driver of change over the past few year and is thus an unavoidable theme to be taken advantage of within the management of Mirabaud's Global equity portfolios.
Watch Anu Narula outline this theme underpinning his approach :


Automation : A key global theme driving new avenues of growth

Explosion of Data

The volume of electronic data is growing exponentially, with businesses, service industries and digital providers, amongst others, collecting vast amounts of information. We are currently creating 2.5 quintillion bytes of data per day, and this number is accelerating. Explosion of data has been a key theme across Mirabaud's global equity portfolios for the last three years, bringing an emerging set of investment opportunities which weren't around 20 or 30 years ago.
Watch Anu Narula outline this theme underpinning his approach :


Data: A key global theme driving new avenues of growth

Health and Wellbeing

Globally, people are nowadays increasingly concerned about their health and wellbeing. In the US, for example, 37% of the population were following a specific dietary regime and 39% were trying to eat more plant-based food. Meanwhile, in Europe 29% were searching for food products that fitted into a healthy lifestyle, and 65% were actively avoiding antibiotics and hormones used in animal products.
The global Wellness Supplements (including Vitamins) market was worth $207.6bn in 2018, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% to $284bn by 2023.
Health and wellbeing has been a key theme across Mirabaud's global equity portfolios for the last three years, whilst investing in areas pertaining to vitamins & supplements and healthy eating.
Watch Anu Narula outline this theme underpinning his approach


Health & Wellbeing: A global theme for 2019


The significance of platform companies comes in their ability to defy the law of large numbers, and show more persistent growth than other giant organisations have historically managed. They achieve this by creating a large network of captive users for one initial service, and then continually layering more and more services on top, creating a dependence on that company. It is very difficult for a consumer to leave any of these ecosystems, once you are locked in. Some of the social media giants have these qualities as defining features.
Anu Narula explains this sector below:


Platform Companies: a key theme for 2019


Services trade represents around 40% of world trade and is growing fast. In most major economies, services now represent more than 60% of GDP whilst Emerging Market economies have experienced the strongest growth, where services now contribute around 50% of GDP. As Emerging Market economies continue to develop, the importance of services in the economy will continue to grow.
Watch Anu Narula walking you through this theme underpinning his approach.


Service economy: a key theme for 2019

Real Estate & Infrastructure

For the first time in history, over half the global population now lives in urban areas: the World Bank's latest 2017 study shows that by 2040, population will have grown by almost 2 billion. This represents a huge demand driver for infrastructure.

Discover how Anu Narula, Head of Global Equities at Mirabaud Asset Management, navigates this unavoidable trend.


Real Estate and Infrastructure: a key theme for 2019

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