Mirabaud Asset Management's Convertible Bonds - Europe strategy has been awarded five stars by Morningstar

Less than five years after the launch of its Convertible Bonds - Europe strategy, Mirabaud Asset Management's talented team based in Paris has been awarded five stars by Morningstar, in recognition of a solid and consistent performance since the launch of the Fund.

This success is a second one in row this year for Mirabaud Asset Management's investment teams, after the award of five stars by Morningstar to the Global High Yield strategy, last month.

With a solid Convertible Bonds team of four, Mirabaud Asset Management strengthens its reputation as one of the leading boutique asset managers, whose funds are consistently high ranked among their peers.

Congratulations to Renaud Martin, Nicolas Crémieux, Boris Rochereuil and Alexandre Thill for their outstanding job !