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For Mirabaud Asset Management “Small is beautiful”

London, 2nd December 2015 - Mirabaud Asset Management continues to strengthen its offering for investors in the small and mid-cap space with the successful launch of its European small and mid-cap strategy.

Between the Pan European version and the ex-UK version, this strategy has already gathered in excess of €90 million, a significant portion of which has been seeded by prominent institutional investors who were familiar with the outstanding track record and capabilities of Ken Nicholson and his team over the past decade. According to the investment team, the capacity for this strategy is anticipated to be in the region of €1 billion. "We intend to reach this amount steadily over the next few years, while focusing on our main objective : performance generation for our investors," said Ken Nicholson, who, with his team, joined Mirabaud Asset Management in London in August.


Small is beautiful

The five reasons why investors should consider investing in the European small and mid strategy managed by Mirabaud Asset Management are : 

  • Europe has a large number of world leading companies with less than €5bn market cap.  
  • These companies are typically under researched by analysts thus creating a great opportunity set for talented stock pickers. 
  • In a period of heightened correlation between asset classes, small and mid-caps retain their full diversification benefits and Alpha potential. 
  • The monetary and economic landscape is providing a tailwind to European equities in general and small and mid-caps companies in particular. 
  • The outstanding track record and experience of the investment team.