A new way to invest in Swiss equities

Mirabaud Asset Management rebrands its Swiss Equity Asymmetric approach.

Bertrand Bricheux, Head of Sales and Marketing at Mirabaud Asset Management, said: “this portfolio has had outstanding performance in the last 5 years, as confirmed by its top position in risk-adjusted performance among Swiss equity funds; bringing this fund back under the umbrella of our internal fund range makes perfect sense. Investors now have a fully up-and-running defensive investment solution at their disposal in Swiss equities.”

The Swiss Equity Asymmetric approach aims to capture 80% of the upside of the SPI index while limiting the downside to 60% in more difficult markets. The fund will use three different performance engines to achieve this: Alpha generation from stock selection, dynamic allocation between small, mid and large caps depending upon the economic environment and tactical hedging using futures and options to limit the downside. Since 2007, the fund has outperformed its benchmark while exhibiting significantly less downside risk.



Matthias Egger, lead portfolio manager of the team of three in charge of this strategy declared “Given the strong recent performance in Swiss equities, many investors are willing to diversify their exposure through a more defensive investment vehicle without sacrificing more performance than necessary. The fund concept allows investors to benefit from a best idea stock selection approach, across all capitalisations, with our expertise in adjusting the exposure level”.