Interview Scott Weber, DG of Interpeace: "Investor Returns help us build peace"

A unique partnership for a unique product, interviewed on Dukascopy TV

In 2011, Mirabaud Emerging Markets fund of funds was launched, providing investors with an innovative product through which to gain exposure to Emerging Market equities, characterised by their combination of high potential returns and high potential risk. The fund offers a unique combination of Hedge Fund managers and Long Only fund managers, seeking to generate the same returns - or better - over the mid to long term, with lower volatility.

A key component of this product is the partnership with Interpeace, an international peace building organisation, originally created inside the United Nations in 1994. As Scott Weber explains "The real challenge of building peace, is for society to own the peace".

Interpeace had been seeking a private sector partner to work with. Mirabaud was a perfect fit, given the common values shared by the two institutions. In practice, Mirabaud donates a percentage of the management and performance fees received by the fund to support the work of Interpeace. "It is a win, win situation", says Scott Weber, "the investor wins, investing in emerging markets, (...) Interpeace is able to help stabilise the societies in conflict".

A risk investing in Emerging Markets?

To the question whether Emerging Markets are a risky investment, Scott Weber reminds the viewers that most of the global growth comes from Emerging Markets. Reverting to Interpeace's actions, progress made is sustainable and conflict can gradually be dealt with in an institutional, non-violent framework, rather than by resorting to violence.

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Mirabaud invests for peace and makes a difference 

Mirabaud Asset Management would like to thank the investors who have elected to invest in the Interpeace share class of our innovative Emerging Markets fund. Thanks to the inflows into this fund and its positive 2013 performance, despite challenging times for emerging markets, we have been able to contribute USD215,000 to Interpeace. Our strategic partnership started in December 2011 and in 2014 Interpeace will celebrate their 20 years anniversary. 

Interpeace is a leading peace building organisation headquartered in Geneva and is active in various emerging and frontier markets; a percentage of the management fees and performance fees collected via this fund of funds is shared with Interpeace, allowing them to expand and develop the activities traditionally funded by sovereign states and beyond. 

Beyond a simple feel good factor, this partnership between an asset manager and an NGO has clear business and investment related justifications, as getting peace in place is the first stone upon which to build a solid and viable economy and allow ostracized countries to join – overtime - the privileged status of Emerging Markets, a focus of many interests these days. 

We look forward a new year of performance and meaningful contributions to a cause we strongly believe in. 

Mirabaud Asset Management