The Mirabaud Decarbonisation Theme

Our Approach to Decarbonisation

John Kisenyi, talks about the investment opportunities of solution providers with leading technologies within the Decarbonisation theme. How renewable energy solutions play a critical role in the energy transition

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Our Equities Theme - Decarbonisation

We have reclassified our “Renewables” theme to “Decarbonisation”. Renewables are a key piece of the puzzle in the transition to carbon neutrality, but alongside this there are other key areas of the transition, which will represent a significant tailwind for those companies exposed to them.


Our Equities Themes

Millennial Consumers

In the US, the number of people aged 26-41 has exceeded 72 million, surpassing ‘baby boomers’ as the largest cohort of the population. Millennials will account for 75% of the global workforce by 2025 and their combined income will hit $8.3 trillion by 2025


Platform Companies

Platform companies are the fast-growing group of “born digital” enterprises that are reshaping the global economy and transforming how we work and live, from where we stay on holiday to running business operations systems in the cloud.



Automation also has an important role to play in bringing customers previously reliant on e-commerce back into stores. Customers who had a positive experience with in-store automation said they would be willing to shift.

Health & Wellbeing

The Health and Wellbeing market has had to change during the global pandemic as consumers under lockdowns or partial lockdowns have had to adapt with limited or no access to gyms, fitness studios and other high-touch wellness-related activities.

Real Estate & Infrastructure

What will emerge from this pandemic are more resilient, inclusive and sustainable cities, which could focus on large scale investment in public housing, to help alleviate some of the inequalities seen across urban centres today.

Ageing Population

Covid Impact: The Covid-19 pandemic has created significant challenges for the world’s ageing population.

The Service Economy

The service economy was one of our themes that was hit hardest during Covid, and we now expect this theme to bounce back hard in 2021.

The Explosion of Data

The Explosion of Data remains an important theme for us and growth continues to be driven by the move towards a digital economy and changing preferences in the way individuals access information.