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Why private equity at Mirabaud ?

Thematic Focus

A strategic choice to focus exclusively on niche/thematic opportunities where our internal team’s unique expertise, network and pipeline access give us a prime position in non intermediated deal flow

Sector Focus

In sectors or areas of the economic landscape where the growth potential will be far superior to the average GDP growth

Funds’ Size

A competitive advantage as we can navigate below the threshold of much larger funds looking to invest vast sums in companies


David Wertheimer

Private Equity Partner

Private equity with an impact

An innovative, impact-led private equity strategy.

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Why lifestyle impact & innovation?

Business of Emotions

Demonstrated strong resilience under various economic cycles. Consumers are more prone to overspend on themselves (fashion, cosmetics, ready to wear, jewelry, accessories) disregarding the economic environment, particularly Millennials.

Disruptive Businesses

The emergence of a global Middle Class with rising income, translated into travel and consumption ambitions. A sustainability conscious world driven by Millennials creates strong tailwinds for disruptive and innovative companies and forces the emergence of new brands in the lifestyle consumer good sector

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Lifestyle Impact & Innovation

"The rapid development of a global, connected middle class is transforming consumer habits and impacting fashion and lifestyle business and brands"

David Wertheimer