Private Equity

Mirabaud Asset Management is committed to create differentiating and exclusive investment vehicles in private equity: exclusive in the nature of the target companies we focus on, and exclusive in the type of investors we gather in our “club approach”.

Entrepreneur DNA

With almost 200 years of close ties within the entrepreneurs' community, we stand next to them to help them grow their business and face new challenges. By investing in companies with a strong local footprint across Europe, we continue to support the economy and the entrepreneurial values with a full alignment of interests.

Long Term Oriented

When investing in a private company, we always take a long term view to capital development and adopt a hands on approach at strategy and operational levels; it is key to allow each business to strengthen their model prior to identifying and considering an exit strategy. This is why we are considered, by business owners, as true long term partners and not pure financial players.

Niche Strategies

It is very difficult for generalist private equity funds to pretend to be experts in every area they invest in. We thus pride ourselves in the fact that we have decided to strategically focus on thematic approaches, with dedicated and specialised teams with a proven experience (Living Heritage, Hotels-Real Estate, Infrastructure, etc.)

Conviction-Based Active Management


Paris, 4 July 2017 – Mirabaud Asset Management has expanded its offering, which already covers several asset classes, to include a new growth industry: the private equity business. To implement this strategy, Mirabaud Asset Management has enlisted the services of Renaud Dutreil, former French Minister of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses and former Chairman of LVMH North America; he will be supported in this remit by Luc-Alban Chermette. This is the first fund dedicated to entreprises du patrimoine vivant (living heritage companies) and was launched today with a first closing of 50 million euros.

Read the Press release : Mirabaud Asset Management launched Private Equity Business

A four episode dedicated video describing the “Living Heritage” concept and investment philosophy has been prepared for this occasion