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Paris, 4 July 2017 – Mirabaud Asset Management has expanded its offering, which already covers several asset classes, to include a new growth industry: the private equity business. To implement this strategy, Mirabaud Asset Management has enlisted the services of Renaud Dutreil, former French Minister of Small & Medium-Sized Businesses and former Chairman of LVMH North America; he will be supported in this remit by Luc-Alban Chermette. This is the first fund dedicated to entreprises du patrimoine vivant (living heritage companies) and was launched today with a first closing of 50 million euros.

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A four episode dedicated video describing the “Living Heritage” concept and investment philosophy has been prepared for this occasion

Renaud Dutreil

Head of Private Equity

"Leading our heritage towards an exciting future."


Mirabaud Grand Paris is a Real Estate investment project carried out in the wake of Grand Paris, the largest urban development project in Paris since Baron Haussmann.

Our strategy follows an investment philosophy clearly articulated around the “Grand Paris” project, crossing over Private Equity and Real Estate in a value add approach. The investment theme is based on a “transformation approach”, investing alongside established real estate developers where Mirabaud will carefully select and challenge each project. Three sub-strategies with distinct risk/return profiles and time horizon: 1) Residential building projects, 2) Transformation of ex-industrial sites into residential/office space buildings, 3) Building/renovation of office spaces. Each projects will benefit from the proximity of the existing, or future, infrastructure of public transportation from the “Grand Paris” master plan.

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Mirabaud Grand Paris

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