What are the key drivers for Fixed Income in 2020?

Andrew Lake, Head of Fixed Income at Mirabaud Asset Management



With our new Private Equity partner D. Wertheimer, our expertise expands towards a wider international exposure focusing on absolute luxury, aspirational & affordable global lifestyle brands & disruptive start-ups.


Why Europe's QE restart could kick start bond markets

Gero Jung, Chief Economist at Mirabaud Asset Management, interviewed by Citywire

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Weak European growth weighs on Adecco

Nicolas Bürki, analyst and portfolio manager at Mirabaud Asset Management, explains on CNN Money Switzerland why employment service giant Adecco is taking a hit on the stock market. Bürki also discusses why he’s cautious about Sunrise’s acquisition of UPC and what he expects from ABB’s new strategy.


Why Swiss Banks are still suffering

Nicolas Bürki, Portfolio Manager and Analyst within Mirabaud Asset Management’s Swiss Equities team, exchanges with CNN Money Switzerland on the topic.


Gero Jung on CNN Money Switzerland

Gero Jung, Chief Economist at Mirabaud Asset Management, argues that the European Central Bank is still optimistic, despite adopting a hawkish view on growth in Europe


Focus on Automation

A top tier highly concentrated Global Equity investment solution that brings together a thematic approach with a fully integrated ESG perspective. Watch Mirabaud Asset Management’s head of Global Equities, Anu Narula, outline one of the 10 themes underpinning his approach – Automation


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